Terms and Conditions

To get the most out of your beautiful entertainer please be respectful and provide a safe, enjoyable enviroment. If an entertainers safety is compromised or they are disrespected in any way including verbally, they have the right to terminate their service and leave, no refund. Please do not touch, pick up the entertainers or take photos without thier permission. Touching and photos are not included in booking price’s are at each performer’s discretion. If we decline your request please respectfully accept our desision.

Showgirls will increase audience participation where gentlemen are not interfering with the performance, and reserve the right to scale back or cancel performances where the crowd is abusive or taking photographs.

Please do not solicit Adam and Eve Entertainers for escort services or “extras” not advertised. If we dont advertise it, we dont do it. Please dont offend us or embarras yourself by asking.

Entertainers are not allowed to give out thier personal details, contact numbers or social media. However please follow them on our social media @adam_and_eve_entertainment.